30 Year Reunion



30 Year Reunion Photos
October 16-17, 2009

Message from Fragino Arola:

The Armadillo Palace pictures are being posted now. There should be 185 pictures which may change later as I take out or add. They are at

http://public.fotki.com/fragino/weddings/bellaire-high-schoo/armadillo-palace/ and the password is cardinalband.

I have not added any extra charges so that you may order prints at this site at the same price I do. If you want to print it yourself or just want the original file, I have set permission to allow anyone that can access the folder to download the original size file.

If you want to do that DO NOT RIGHT-CLICK AND COPY the picture. You will only get a small file which would be ok if you just wanted to post it online. However in order to get a good print you will need the big file. At the bottom of each picture is a hyperlink that states "Get Original Uploaded Photo." It will then open a new window and the large picture will download to it. When the picture completes its download, RIGHT-CLICK AND COPY THIS PICTURE, and you will get the big file.